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Our Approach

Sustainability is providing for the best for people and the environment both now and in the indefinite future. In the terms of the 1987 Brundtland Report, sustainability is: "Meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs."

  • Our professional survey determines if your present solid waste, recycling and grease rendering programs are relevant to your immediate needs, as well as the serviceability factor for your future needs. We also research past and pending legislation for each location surveyed. This insures that the programs we set in place for our customers meet all the environmental sanctions according to law.

  • Omega Waste provides a single point of contact, personal account manager, who examines every detailed aspect of the present trash and recycling services for the client. This includes volume generated, contents of waste stream, sources of waste, size and type of present containers, number of hauls or pulls per month for each container, methods of disposal, including landfills, transfer stations or recycling centers and the current cost for each location.

  • Omega Waste designs the most cost effective program for the client, including, when appropriate, a personalized recycling program for each individual local. Omega Waste brings each location into compliance with all mandatory recycling laws and ordinances.

  • After the development of individual location programs, based upon actual needs, Omega Waste bids out the locations and negotiates prices with the various haulers. Omega Waste’s aggregate buying power lowers the individual client’s costs. This professional service assures a positive-plus savings that our customers feel completely satisfied with. However, our service to our customers does not end here.

  • Omega Waste monitors and contains the costs on a monthly basis, including the effectiveness of the total program. The finest of programs, even with the most efficient and effective planning possible, require a post-operative strategy to insure that the plan of operation is functioning as intended. Our step-by-step follow up procedure not only continues to fine tune every aspect of the solid waste and recycling programs we have established for you, but it also insures complete customer satisfaction.

  • Omega Waste bids out client locations once a year. Those figures are available for the client’s budget process.

  • Omega Waste brokers the recyclable commodity, cardboard, paper, plastic, aluminum, shrink wrap, obtaining the highest revenues for the client.

  • Omega Waste provides equipment to clients such as compactors, receiver boxes and cardboard balers for a minimal monthly rental.

  • Omega Waste specializes in franchised cities\controlled markets. Omega Waste diverts the recyclable commodities from the client’s solid waste flow which generates revenues back to the client while reducing the trash volume.

Omega Waste Management's approach to sustainability not only generates revenues for its client from the sale of recyclable commodities but brings the client into compliance with all recycling laws and mandates. Omega Waste meets the needs of its clients without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.


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