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The waste hierarchy of REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE. Omega develops waste management strategies according to their desirability, in order of importance, to help clients reach zero waste in the most financially feasible manner. Partnership with Omega Waste Management means focusing on environmental responsibility with corporate financial needs of reduction in costs and generating revenues from sale of recyclable commodities.

Omega enjoys being part of the landfill solution. Omega's commingled recycling plants across the U.S. enables it to divert the waste stream from landfills into recycling plants, paying rebates for the commodities. The recyclable commodities come in the form of mixed compactor loads, super sandwich bales, down to bins for segregating recyclable commodities.

Our program becomes an All Win, No Lose situation for all concerned. Corporate solid waste removal costs decrease. The type of service rendered is vastly improved. Each new program implemented is researched and designed to meet specific needs. This assures the highest quality service at the lowest possible cost. Our fees come from a portion of corporate overall savings. The best part of all; corporate savings will usually be thousands of dollars annually.


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